Thru-Tone is proud to release our new speaker – the Nash J. Designed in-house with the intention of filling the void of the most balanced '60s ceramic American 12" speaker made as a perfect pair with the golden amps of yesteryear.

At 75 watts of power handling, yet never stiff, the Nash J imparts extreme balance across the frequency spectrum. Robust and firm lows that never bloat out, fat mids with no nasal honk, and sweet shimmering treble that won't pierce. The magic comes in its ability to fill a room with a massively wide three-dimensional projection at any volume and with zero cone cry.

If finding that perfect match for your special rig is what you have been seeking, search no more.

$160.00     G12TT Nash J  12" 4 ohms


$160.00     G12TT Nash J  12" 8 ohms