The Lovepedal Eternity and Fulltone OCD overdrives are two of the greatest models on the market for dynamic, harmonically rich, and woody to gritty overdriven tones. Both overdrives share a design similarity in that they both omit an output buffer in their circuit. However there is a purpose to this: If you place these pedals alone between your guitar and amp you will be blessed with an overdriven richness that can bring those around to their knees in awe. Though without a buffer to decouple the pedal’s output from the next circuit in your chain, the flip side is that it can lead to a non-pedalboard friendly situation in many setups.

Stomping on an effect that is after the overdrive can lead to a boost/drop in volume, spike in treble, or complete loss of clarity to your overdriven sound, changing all the characteristics that made these pedals so exceptional in the first place. Some have opted for a fix of placing a standalone buffer immediately after these overdrives to help decouple the pedal’s output from what follows, but the impedance mismatch between the overdrive and that buffer will add a buzzy treble spike or more! The only real perk here is that at least it is consistent sounding when you stomp on other FX that follow — though this doesn’t help if it consistently sounds like ...


        - Responsive and organic designed output section

        - Integrated design requires no additional power adapter or real estate

        - True Bypass switch to remove True Output from overdrive circuit if not needed

        - SUCK knob to fine tune top-end response for a stock to punchier dynamic

        - Battery spot still preserved



        - True Output upgrade is performed to your sent in pedal

        - Works for all makes of Eternity including handwired and SMT with relay bypass

        - Works best with 500k volume pot OCD models

           (Certain versions had circuit revisions with a lower output impedance making these effects less noticeable)

        - Toggle switch and SUCK knob location are based on make and model

        - True Output mod is only active when the pedal is engaged.

thru-tone true output lovepedal eternity burst impedance

$125.00     True Output for Eternity

$125.00     True Output for OCD

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thru-tone true output fulltone ocd impedance
thru-tone true output lovepedal eternity kanji impedance

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