$190.00     EX-S  Jr  Expression Pedal

For years musicians all around the world have longed for the ability to use the Ernie Ball VP as a true expression pedal because of its smooth and controlled throw, but with it lacking a linear taper potentiometer option, true expression use was limited. When Thru-Tone launched we wanted to give players the ability to utilize their pedal in this manner with controls for wide compatibility and without the need of multiple versions, and with that this expression mod was born. The EX-S covers both types of passive expression control — where TS mode works for pedals such as Line 6 and Eventide and TRS covers the vast majority of pedals such as Boss, Strymon, Diamond, etc. It also works wonderfully with amp profilers such as Fractal and Kemper to expression control for keyboards like Korg and Nord.


  - Custom designed linear taper fully sealed potentiometer

  - Comp Cable eliminates fatigue breakage, stretch, and slip

  - Variable resistance (TS) and voltage divider (TRS) Expression Mode toggle

  - Power Polarity toggle to select ring or tip for supply voltage (no effect in TS mode)

  - Power protection resistor to protect source pedal from ever shorting to ground

  - Exclusive Bump/Sink toggle to shift the taper range further to one extreme in TRS

  - Widest physical throw and optimally balanced fulcrum pivot location

  - Premium components and industrial grade short lever toggle switches

Our custom pots are a 10k linear design for optimal range from full minimum to full maximum. With the Bump/Sink control you can Bump up to a reverse audio taper for more precise control towards the end of the throw (useful for locking in accurately on longer delay times, whereas you might not want half of your throw wasted in slapback tempo range) and with Sink you can get an audio taper for just the opposite (fine control in the slapback range). This works amazing with different TRS expression type pedals that might offer extremes in min and max control such as delay times, mix, tremolo speed, phaser rate, etc.

For those who seek shall find...

Big brother to the EX-S is the EX-ULT. This is a custom build-to-order product as it offers a more rig specific option. Utilizing the full size Ernie Ball VP with kick-switch, the EX-ULT offers all the functionality the EX-S does along with the addition of two more added functions via the fourth toggle. When selected to Switch you can plug a mono line into the completely isolated second input and control it with the side kick-switch. This is great for channel selecting or engaging your amp’s tremolo or reverb instead of using a standard clunky switch box.

For those who would rather use an expression pedal on two FX, simply flip the toggle to Dual and plug your second pedal’s expression line into the second input. Now when you activate the kick-switch you will select between which effect has expression control.

thru-tone ex-s ex-ult expression pedal mod ernie ball vp jr

$285.00     EX-ULT  Full Size  Expression