It is not a string. It is not a cord. It will not break due to fatigue. It will not stretch nor slip and alter your pedal's calibration. It will not leave you unable to create your music.

This Thru-Tone design is THE GAME CHANGER and we could not be happier to finally offer this upgrade to what has been touted as one of the best volume pedals ever. The PM-1 is now truly the complete solution for those who love the response and feel of the EB design AND expect the utmost in performance, tone, durability, and dependability.

But what is it?

While we simply cannot disclose our exact manufacturing design specifications, it is as you see it. Meaning we could have coated it black, but we wanted to show off the precision and makeup of its core. Utilizing over 250 micro-strands of stainless steel implemented in a wrap design that allows extreme flexibility without succumbing to metal fatigue and encased in a specifically formulated clear coated compound that offers the flexibility, friction, and smoothness required (and will not shred off like cheap PVC), the Comp Cable reigns king and is the much deserved complete piece to the Thru-Tone line.

All new pedals come standard with our Comp Cable and below you will find information for updating your existing pedal. As much as we would enjoy being able to simply mail out a kit, the installation is a bit more involved and some prep work is necessary to guarantee the highest level of performance, so this upgrade is only available to Thru-Tone products in-house at our location. Pricing includes return shipping in the US and a general tune/cleanup, but most importantly over a service or tangible investment, you are purchasing peace of mind on what you own being the absolute best, dependable, and only product on the market, worldwide.

$45.00     Comp Cable Upgrade                                          

Include this Upgrade / Service Form with your sent in pedal

*For international orders, email us before purchasing to set up.