$290.00     Blackout Edition PM-1 Jr       

                  Volume Pedal


For Ernie Ball's 40th year celebration of their renowned volume pedal they have released a limited edition Jr model. That of which boasts a stunning slate black finish and the iconic eagle logo on the footplate. After much advertising of their new coated Kevlar string, in time it proved to not hold up to Thru-Tone's standard string treatment, and furthermore, both strings have been replaced with our unbeatable Comp Cable.

Combine these new aesthetics with the coveted buffering circuitry, durability upgrades, and ultimate in swell taper that ONLY the PM-1 has offered for over 7 years and you have one amazing limited edition VP that smacks down all the competition.

From the source, we have been informed that Ernie Ball is manufacturing a limited quantity of these 40th Anniversary pedals and once they are depleted only time will tell if they will offer up their future line in slate black! That said, we are still able to order them and will continue to offer the Blackout Edition to you until they are retired!