Since moving to Nashville I have had the opportunity to make and play music with many great musicians and artists. As Thru-Tone continues to grow I have worked double hard to continue growing as a musician and am playing with more and more artists than ever these days.

Having toured professionally with many artists for over ten years out of Nashville the need for a less constrained format of music became apparent. My friend Tripper Ryder, bassist for Houser, and I started to pursue a small vanity project. The idea was essentially a cover band, but conceptually was much more. MIPS was a way for us to play a local gig when off the road, perform the music and sets we wanted, and set a tone for music lovers to come and enjoy along with each other's company. Though, what you won't hear is polished and form-fitted cover music. We curate a different playlist monthly that comprises of a theme or follows a specific artist, chart out the music, and (if lucky to get in one run-through the day before) perform a lighthearted showing of music we love while ingesting an unlimited supply of liquor. You might call MIPS the "Drunk History of Live Music".

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Self explanatory. Wanking around with no care of mistakes or bad hair.

Dierks Tour 2016

Red Rocks 2016

The Rave 2015

RIPMIPS - For those we lost in 2016

Tribute to the Power Trio

Soul Night

StickyMIPS - The Rolling Stones

Get Teenage MIPS Right Through the Night -


CCR Tribute

Earth's Mightiest MIPS! - Power Pop


Swing With A Sting


Starlight Time

Working Man


Boys Keep Swingin'

Phoenix Mendoza Record Release

MIPS Get Petty - Tom Petty

A Night at the MIPS - Queen