All I want to know is how the heck are these things glowing blue without power?

Don't fret, we don't use voodoo in our recipes. A temporary power jack behind the control module along with the power of Photoshop to mask any visible cables allowed us to keep the facia clean for the photoshoot!

Will you mod my EB pedal?

We stopped modifying sent in pedals years ago as it completely upset work flow and gave us no consistent standard of quality when some pedals came in with worn parts and caked with dirt. We only offer brand new EB pedals as we can guarantee the quality and consistency of each and every one.

How long is the wait time?

We try to keep pedals stocked in-house, but sometimes demand exhausts our supply and we build to order as soon as we can. Usually a matter of days to a couple weeks during busy season, but rest easy knowing zero corners are cut and Thru-Tone prides itself in delivering only the best quality products.

What is your warranty?

Parts and labor are both covered for two years from the date of purchase. This excludes damage due to misuse, abuse, or tampering. We design and build to last, so if you have an issue after the warranty period please email us.

What about return policy?

If for some reason your purchase is not everything you expected email us within three days from receiving your pedal to set up a return. Pedals must be in perfect condition and once received we will refund your purchase price minus original shipping. Pedal modifications are non-returnable for the obvious that it was your pedal to begin with.

Do you offer repairs?

In the unlikely situation your pedal needs a repair we can absolutely help. If the repair is outside the warranty period we will email you with a repair quote and move from there.

I have seen other pedals and rehouses on your social media and not listed on your site. What's the deal?

Thru-Tone specializes in building custom gear for players' specific needs in addition to our standard line. At this time we have chosen to keep custom work at a by-request basis. Please feel free to email us with any questions.

Do you ship internationally?

We ship anywhere in the world, though international rates do apply. Simply proceed to check out and your PayPal invoice will reflect based on your shipping location.

Are there any differences between the full-size and Jr PM-1?

Both models function identically and have the exact same internals. While the Jr is the more popular because of it’s small size the full-size PM-1 offers smoother and more controlled travel due to the increased mass, larger pivot bearings, and longer foot plate. It's purely a question of real estate.

Will the PM-1 color my guitar’s tone?

This circuit has been specifically built with complete transparency in mind. Your guitar’s natural tone will not be EQ’d or enhanced. We just allow you to take off the blanket that has been smothering your tone while providing a true organic and dynamic response without any sterile or brash aftereffects like most companies' builds.

But Ernie Ball offers an active MVP — why not buy this?

That is true! Ernie Ball released their MVP recently when the demand for active volume pedals started to boom. It is a great pedal, affordable, and with some options that some players may enjoy. Though the difference shows in production and assembly. Where as the PM-1 offers unparalleled tonal response and robust durability the MVP uses machined SMT circuits along with the same string and non-sealed 16mm pots as their regular Jr line. The option is great for that fact you can grab it at the store, but Thru-Tone remains king when it comes to the ultimate in sound, response, taper, and durability. Sexy looks too!

Will different tuners’ qualities affect my signal when used in the Tuner Out?

Absolutely not as the Tuner Out is independently buffered and isolated from your instrument's through signal.

What if I like to run my volume pedal after my gains?

This works just fine, though any pedal that is on before the PM-1 will become the leading factor on your guitar's signal in terms of buffered tone and dynamic response. Running your PM-1 first is always encouraged as it was designed in this fashion and allows you to fine tune the buffer to your rig and get the most blooming swells.

Will the EX-S work with my               pedal?

A compatibility list for every pedal made with an expression port would take countless hours and money to get hands-on research. Instead much time was taken in testing many of the most popular effects pedals and gear. The result was the ability to universally cover a range of territory with one expression pedal. If your effect requires a variable control voltage or a 10k variable resistance then the EX-S will work for you. Controller style, taper type, and tip/ring polarity are all user selectable features to match your EX-S to your effect pedal’s requirements.

Can I control two pedals simultaneously with the EX-ULT?

By design, no. The footswitch allows you to switch back and forth between which pedal the EX-ULT controls.

What about using a TS pedal and TRS pedal in Dual Mode?

Unfortunately this is not possible as the Expression Mode switch is universal, so you need to either use two TS pedals or two TRS pedals for correct functionality.