justin butler guitar player magazine

My name is Justin Butler and I am a full-time guitarist based out of Nashville, TN. I have been very fortunate to play for and make music with some wonderful artists and musicians over the years, which only fueled my passion for playing gear that sparked inspiration. After years of tuning, modding, and building products for myself and my friends, I officially founded Thru-Tone in 2011, which has been running strong ever since. I still continue to run the business, design products, and build each and every product all while touring year-round and enjoying as many other hobbies as I can manage. It has never been easy, but I love and embrace the challenge. For Thru-Tone that challenge is to never sell a single inferior product and only offer the best — the quality that I would expect as a consumer. (Some may call me picky... I say I just know what's right.) I hope you get a chance to try our products and from one musician to another, I know you will absolutely love them.