$260.00     Blackout Edition PM-1 Jr       

                  Volume Pedal

thru-tone pm-1 volume pedal mod ernie ball vp jr

For Ernie Ball's 40th year celebration of their infamous volume pedal they have released a limited edition model. That of which boasts a stunning slate black finish, and just like Thru-Tone has been treating EB strings for extreme durability and maximum grip, Ernie Ball has followed in suit with providing a treated black string to match!

Combine these new aestetics with the coveted buffering circuitry, durability upgrades, and ultimate in swell taper that ONLY the PM-1 has offered for over 7 years and you have one badass limited edition VP that smacks down all the competition.

From the source, we have been informed that Ernie Ball is manufacturing a very limited quantity of these 40th Anniversary pedals and once they are depleted only time will tell if they will offer up their future line in slate black! Thru-Tone has a short supply available that will go fast and plan to load up on as many as we can based on demand of this Blackout Edition PM-1, but once they are gone, they are gone! All orders will be processed first come, first serve.